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Venture Gurukool organized an interactive introductory session with Ms. Laura Zhang from Baidu Ventures as a step towards strengthening relationships between the Indo-china hub of investors and start-ups.

The meeting was organized in line with Venture Gurukool’s vision of facilitating cross-border exchange between India and China, helping Indian start-ups with Chinese experience and connecting entrepreneurs, enterprises and investors from domestic and International markets to accelerate success.

Our guests were welcomed warmly and introduced to the trends in the Indian market and the role of Venture Gurukool as an early stage start-up investor in the Indian ecosystem, whereby venture Gurukool gave an introduction on all its portfolio companies.

This was followed by one on one engagement with:

Olly Credit: AI-based risk assessments and underwriting. One of a kind proprietary machine learning algorithm works on user behavioral patterns.

NFX.AI: NFX Digital has created the world’s first online research game platform, adytude.com. The machine uses Big Data and AI to sort information required to prepare research reports.

Roar Media: Roar Media is a new media platform and content producer that offers coverage and analysis of current affairs, business, lifestyle, technology, arts, and culture in South Asia, across five languages in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Next, there was a visit conducted to the IIT Delhi Start-up Incubation Centre where our team and Ms. Laura met Professor Anil Wali, Managing Director IIT Delhi Incubation Cell and took a trail through their highly Innovative Start-up cohort.

Through our strategic tie-ups in India and overseas, Venture Gurukool plugs the gap between investor’s expectation and reality by offering capital and other hosts of services and facilities alongside building a community which fosters the spirit of entrepreneurship and improves the odds of success for an early-stage company.

We look forward to hosting such interactions that help build vital relationships between the Indo-China start-ups and investor ecosystem.

Venture Gurukool hosts Chinese delegation in Delhi

Venture Gurukool_China Delegate

Venture Gurukool played hosts to a delegation of Chinese Investors and Entrepreneurs at their Delhi office.

The meeting focussed on how Chinese investors are aggressively making roads into India, especially via the start-up route and opportunities available to leverage from the Indian Tech Talent. The two markets show similar cultural demographics due to their geographic proximity and both the countries exhibit best in class tech and start-up teams.

China has emerged as one of the fastest-growing sources of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), in the Indian start-up scenario. For Chinese investors, Indian start-ups present a range of opportunities like familiar and already tested business models and finance-based association.

Also, leveraging with the Chinese ecosystem with the help of investors is turning out to be a game-changer for the Indian start-ups in terms of knowledge sharing and not just sourcing capital. Chinese entrepreneurs are ahead of their Indian counterparts and therefore give local entrepreneurs an opportunity to learn and grow.

The cross-country tie up focusses on developing relationships between India and China.

Our team along with Mr. Swarup, Founder, Venture Gurukool came into discussion with Tony Li, Founder and Investor, Geek 2 Start-up and Jocelyn from IMX Exchange, along with them were Vivek Zhang, Ex-CMO, VIVO India, Chandler Guo, Silicon Valley Investor, and Huanqing, AR & VR Expert, who were also a part of the session to learn more about India’s rising economy and scope for building a successful start-up. Tony also represented start-ups Ones.AI and Liulishuo, looking toward the India opportunity for similar ventures to which Mr. Swarup provided insights for the strategies and course plan that could be followed.

Towards the end, the delegation worshipped Ganesha, the lord of wisdom by lightening diyas and were fascinated to learn more about India’s religious traditions and norms.

As our main goal at Venture Gurukool, we endorse India-China Innovation hub that strives towards providing access to a comprehensive network of investors and strategic players in India and China for strong, balanced founding teams working on a compelling value proposition by catering them to the best of industry leaders from every vertical and gain from them. Through such interactive meetings, we connect potential investors and start-ups to bring together a vibrant ecosystem.

“India an emerging hotspot for Chinese Internet Companies”, Ntasha

Geek2Startups organised a Talk on “How to start your own startup in India”, on August 3rd  at the Inncube Spaces in Chaoyang, Beijing, China, with our Co-founder Ntasha and Digital News aggregator application NewsDog’s Founder Chen Yukun.

Both the speakers came together to discuss the startup ecosystem in India and the relationship between India and China. How India is a larger attractive market for Chinese Entrepreneurs and Investors. The various market trends and early stage opportunities available in the Indian startup ecosystem were some points that were taken into consideration.

Ntasha and Chen discussed about India’s current position as an open market for Entrepreneurs, being one of the fastest growing economy providing a larger consumer base, India is becoming one of the go-to choices for founders who want to establish startups and have a chance to conquer a bigger slice of the consumer pie.

Ntasha was quoted saying, “The similarities between the two countries is making it easier for the Indian entrepreneurs to start looking east and attracting Chinese investors for better knowledge and expertise to compete head to head with their rivals. Also, India is now emerging as a hotspot for Chinese Startups”.

“The India opportunity for growth is what everyone is gunning for. Most of these investors are looking at India as an asset offering a large captive market”, stated Chen.

Venture Gurukool, in India, works towards developing an India-China hub that creates, encourages and promotes knowledge and innovation between founders and investors based in India and China. Through such talk sessions, both Venture Gurukool & Geek2Startup hold sharing activities between startups which are currently in business, to communicate on the product, design, development and operation dimensions to connect them and bring together a vibrant ecosystem.


VG partners for the Zero One Technology Festival, Shenzhen

Venture Gurukool and Startup India Association are proud to partner for the Zero One Technology Festival to be held in Shenzhen, China in later half of 2018. We encourage all cutting-edge, innovative technology based startups across sectors to send in their entries for participation. Selected startups will get an all expenses paid trip to Shenzhen for this festival.

Their details follow –

Zero One Technology Festival, is one of a kind technology festival in the world that takes black technology as core. The event will assemble the most frontier technology products in the world. The 1st Zero One Tech Festival is co-sponsored by Innovative Chinese Think Tank and Shenzhen Zero One Technology Co. Ltd. and guided by China’s Industrial Development Alliance of Artificial Intelligence. It assembles the most cutting-edged creative technologies of all fields including smart homes, medical, commercial, security, community, office, logistics and warehousing.

The event is divided into three sub events:
·         Intelligent Technology Exhibition
·         Industry Summit Forum
·         Universal Carnival.

The theme of 2018 Zero One Tech Festival is Second Nature. The event will lay special attention to present the artistic experience and joy that technology brings to life and discuss the second nature of the symbiotic relationship that exists between humans and technology.

Shortlisted startups will be showcased to more than 30 top venture capital institutions like Black Hole Ventures, ZhenFund, GSR Ventures, Plum Ventures, Zhongguancun Angel Alliance, TusPark Ventures, Banyan Capital and so on. The event will have a private session with investors, investment pitches and access to VIP dinners and lunches to provide more networking chances for exhibitors and investors.

Day 1 of Indian Startup Investment Roadshow – China

Group Pic - Delegates of Indian Startup Investment Roadshow - China

Overwhelming Response on Day 1 of the Indian Start-up Investment Roadshow which was co hosted by the Indian Embassy, Beijing.

Venture Gurukool and Startup India Association organized Day 1 of the Indian Startup Investment Roadshow which gave exclusive access to Indian entrepreneurs with prolific Chinese Investors. This event brought together 25 Indian start-up entrepreneurs and more than 170 Chinese investors under one roof at the auditorium of the Embassy of India, Beijing.

Welcome remarks were given by Ms Ntasha (Co-Founder, Venture Gurukool).

Mr. Mahendra Swarup (Founder, Venture Gurukool and President, Start-up India Association) spoke about Chinese Investments in Indian ventures and introduced the various startups from India that participated in the event.

Mr. Benny Chen (General Manager, Ant Financial India) delivered the key-note address on “Why Invest in India”.

This was followed by a panel discussion on ‘Strategy for Investing in India- Experience Sharing by Successful Investors’. The panel included (L to R) Mr. Qi Zhiyong (President, CAMCE Investment Management), Ms. Jessica Wong (Founder and Managing Partner, Cyber Carrier), Mr Benny Chen (General Manager, Ant Financial India) and Ms Shirley Mao (Vice Director, Xiaomi Investment) [Photo: L to R] . The session was moderated by Mr Mahendra Swarup (Founder, Venture Gurukool and President, Start-up India Association).

Another panel discussion was organised on ‘Experience Sharing on scaling of Chinese Ventures’. This panel included (L to R) Ms Liu Xinyi (Founder and CEO, Nowdo), Ms Jenny Zhang (Vice President and Chief Brand Officer, Beijing V-Startup-up), Mr Andy Mok (Managing Partner, Red Pagoda Resources), Mr. Zhang Peng (Chief Strategy officer & Managing Partner Urwork),  . The session was moderated by Mr. Jelte Ansgar Wingender (Senior Manager, Global Incubation Services Department Innoway) and Mr Siddharth Shah (Partner, Khaitan and Company, India).

The event also had representatives of Invest India, KPMG India and Khaitan & Co.  who gave presentations on ‘The Economic and Investment Landscape in India’, ‘The India growth story and rise of Indian Entrepreneurs’ and ‘regulatory landscape and investment structure in India’, respectively.