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GROWTH pain of an early stage company varies from hiring the best talent to managing compliance with the regulatory authorities, apart from raising capital. The bandwidth of an investor isn’t large enough in terms of the varied expertise required to break through the growing pains of any start-up. Venture Gurukool plugs the gap between investor’s expectation and reality by offering host of services and facilities at the Gurukool, alongside building a community which fosters spirit of entrepreneurship and improves the odds of success for any seed funded/ early stage company.

We help investors grow their portfolio companies by offering them with shared services and facilities which save cost as well as help them make the right connect so that entrepreneurs can focus on innovation and scale rather than getting the next round of funding.

Venture Gurukool offers a host of shared services for Startups which helps them control their cashflows. It also spares them the time and effort required to hire professionals on their payroll. Our Service offering ranges from Fund Raising, Finance & Accounts, Taxation, Compliance and Corporate Governance, HR Services, Digital Marketing, Mobile and Web development

The Gurukool offers a portfolio company with full access to the shared resources as well as serves as a suitable platform for making the right connect with corporates, academic mentor, key industry mentors and domain specific mentors

Gurukool helps founders of portfolio company lead innovation via provisions of innovative labs in technology. Alongside the labs, Gurukool’s IT infrastructure and support offers new enterprises with reliance in technology, which saves a bit on cost as well.