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FOR Startups, the most valuable asset is time, and the biggest insecurity is running out of funds. The tightrope walk between the two spells success. Precedents suggest, success stories among Startups in India are lesser in number than those that struggle and also those that bite the dust at different stages of their investment cycles. For the founders – entrepreneurs with stars in their eyes, failure to secure the next round of funding can be ominous, while a write-off and a shutdown can shake one’s motivation and confidence from their roots.

At Venture Gurukool, we invest in the most promising startups at Seed and Pre-Series A stage. We have one key focus – Startups. We always seek to connect them with the most relevant mentors, investors, and partners, not just from India, but also facilitate international strategic alliances wherever relevant.

We offer a comprehensive Virtual CXO suite of services, which can take care of virtually every business need that a Startup has. Our Virtual CXO suite comprises the following:

Funding Access

We invest in highly curated startups on case by case basis at Seed and Pre-Series A stage.

Startups are generally torn between the priorities of making the business work on one side, while running after investors to secure their next round of funding. We make it easier for startups to secure their next round of funding by giving them access to our network of investors and strategic players in India and Overseas. We help you reach them, convince them and make your business grow.

Corporate, Legal & Compliance

Business Registration: Our team of professionals can help you setting up offices anywhere in the world. We help you register your representative office, Branch Office, subsidiary, JV or SPV. We take care of all formalities and paper work and administrative tasks which includes providing nominee directors, arranging registered office, developing banking relationships, and all set up requirements.

Compliances: We make sure you remain compliant in with tax laws, filing requirements, and all regulations both in country of establishment and in your home country. Our services include calling and conducting AGMs, Calling board meetings, preparing minutes of the meetings, drafting boards and shareholders resolutions, drafting of various agreements, secretarial services.

Advisory: We help you in planning the most efficient and tax-effective organization structure to save you taxes while complying with all the international laws and treaties.

Finance and Accounting

Accounting: We provide comprehensive experience in all areas of accounting and reporting services. Our services include daily day-to-day accounting, payroll or preparation of financial statements.

Reporting: We provide reporting monthly/quarterly/annual reporting as per your requirements and in the format you require. We also provide accounting reports in IFRS/GAAP/your home country accounting standards.

Virtual CFO: Our virtual CFO services is aimed to provide you the same standard of financial control in your international office that you have in your home country office. The CFO services can be expanded or narrowed based upon your requirements.

Our services include:

  • Budgeting
  • Monitoring of financial indicators
  • Management of Bank accounts and dealings in foreign exchange
  • Assurance of compliance with local laws

Trade Services

Products and services of Indian companies are not always confined to domestic markets. Entrepreneurs of today are looking for suppliers as well as clients around the globe. We have partners worldwide and help you with:

  • Import/Export Services
  • Support in attending trade fairs
  • Logistics coordination

HR Solutions

We help Startups acquire the right talent by understanding their business requirements and finding the right fit, who can fit in not just with the right skillsets, but also culturally. Our solutions include:

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Talent management
  • Payroll management
  • Arriving at Right compensation structure
  • ESOPS and Employee Agreements

Digital Marketing

In the age of internet, it has become imperative for every Startup to get traction online and increase its brand recall and consumer engagement. We help you achieve that seamlessly. Our services include the following:

  • SEO Management
  • Content Management
  • Social media engagement

Impact Mentorship

It’s central to Venture Gurukool’s mission to have a strong network of professional mentors and advisors. Venture Gurukool endeavours to have a pool of mentors, who are packed with experience greater than ten years in their domain, who have been pivotal in helping academic institutions, corporates and ventures and are recognised as the thought leaders in their area of expertise.

In order to have the interest of these mentors aligned with Venture Gurukool’s incubatee startup, these ‘impact mentors’ could take single digit equity stake in the respective startup to ensure in the long term success. These impact mentors would be responsible for giving periodic guidance to start-ups in the initial phases of incubation thereon a customised curriculum would be based on their needs.

Knowledge Partnerships

In order to leverage the intellectual property developed locally at Indian universities and research institutes, Venture Gurukool has tie-ups with prominent business schools and technical universities in the geographic area, providing Startups with a host of academic mentors, resources and R&D collaboration.

Global access

Sometimes, your business may need some relevant international tie-ups to find strategic synergies or simply the right alliance to scale. Our international network helps you in finding you the right partners, wherever relevant.