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“IoT is the Next Big Wave for India’s Growth Landscape” Ntasha, Co-Founder, Venture Gurukool

Venture Gurukool’s Co-Founder, Ntasha acknowledged Chinese CEO’s and high tech SME’s at the 2018 Zhongguancun International Lecture Hall about the India Opportunity of Internet Business.

The session was organized by the Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park and Chengfeng Alliance. The event was focussed towards familiarizing Chinese investors and entrepreneurs about the opportunities available in the Indian market and leverage the most from the growing IoT sector.

India is the second largest consumer of internet market in the world with 462 mn internet users, 80% of these users are mobile based. The numbers are expected to reach 730 mn by the year 2020.

Currently, India is well positioned to leverage the power of IoT to create massive growth opportunities in the country. The growth of the Internet has been unprecedented and driven by advances in mobile technology, the increase in processing power, growth of cloud, social media, etc.

1,400 new tech startups were born in 2016 alone, implying there are 3-4 tech startups born in India each day.

The market potential of all things IoT in India alone is predicted to be $9 billion by 2020. As the innovations make customers lives easier, the advances in the technology itself are making it easy for entrepreneurs to take a big leap in product development, leading to accelerated development cycles and better business opportunities to chase. IoT is an intrinsic part of many innovations and business success stories across sectors.

Ntasha represented Venture Gurukool’s motto of facilitating cross-border partnerships between India and China innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

She influenced the potential audience to make the most from the current circumstances. India has been a hotspot for Chinese investors and Internet Companies. “IoT is the Next Big Wave for India’s Growth Landscape. The Internet of Things market in India will transform the society and establish a new ecosystem”, Ntasha. For Chinese investors, Indian start-ups present a range of opportunities. Familiar and already tested business models and finance-based association work well for the companies.

Through such sessions, Venture Gurukool and our alliances in China, we hold sharing activities between startups and investors which are currently in business, to communicate on the product, design, development and operation dimensions to connect them and bring together a vibrant ecosystem.