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Venture Gurukool organized an interactive introductory session with Ms. Laura Zhang from Baidu Ventures as a step towards strengthening relationships between the Indo-china hub of investors and start-ups.

The meeting was organized in line with Venture Gurukool’s vision of facilitating cross-border exchange between India and China, helping Indian start-ups with Chinese experience and connecting entrepreneurs, enterprises and investors from domestic and International markets to accelerate success.

Our guests were welcomed warmly and introduced to the trends in the Indian market and the role of Venture Gurukool as an early stage start-up investor in the Indian ecosystem, whereby venture Gurukool gave an introduction on all its portfolio companies.

This was followed by one on one engagement with:

Olly Credit: AI-based risk assessments and underwriting. One of a kind proprietary machine learning algorithm works on user behavioral patterns.

NFX.AI: NFX Digital has created the world’s first online research game platform, adytude.com. The machine uses Big Data and AI to sort information required to prepare research reports.

Roar Media: Roar Media is a new media platform and content producer that offers coverage and analysis of current affairs, business, lifestyle, technology, arts, and culture in South Asia, across five languages in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Next, there was a visit conducted to the IIT Delhi Start-up Incubation Centre where our team and Ms. Laura met Professor Anil Wali, Managing Director IIT Delhi Incubation Cell and took a trail through their highly Innovative Start-up cohort.

Through our strategic tie-ups in India and overseas, Venture Gurukool plugs the gap between investor’s expectation and reality by offering capital and other hosts of services and facilities alongside building a community which fosters the spirit of entrepreneurship and improves the odds of success for an early-stage company.

We look forward to hosting such interactions that help build vital relationships between the Indo-China start-ups and investor ecosystem.