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Venture Gurukool incubatee startup TogetU Mediatech reaches the top 10 overall free apps of 2018 with 10 million+ downloads on Play Store. We’re elated with their exponential growth over the past one year and congratulate the team for reaching this milestone.

TogetU is a complete entertainment package which allows you to create and share short videos with the world. The app help users showcase their talent and share interesting videos with friends and family along with getting millions of followers. It is emerging as a Revolution in the world of Short Videos as it is catering to various genres of entertainment.

At Venture Gurukool, we promote technology, innovation, and cooperation between ventures and founders from India and China. We support innovation through the China India innovation hub which aims to develop a vibrant ecosystem between the two nations. For entrepreneurs in India and China offers co-working space, investor access, funding and impact mentorship.

The growth of such global apps has India as their new hotspot which makes it clear for the Chinese -if you want growth, conquer India. The target group of most of these platforms is the new internet users in India, specifically those from smaller cities and towns.
India is the second largest consumer of internet market in the world with 462 mn internet users, 80% of these users are mobile based. The numbers are expected to reach 730 mn by the year 2020.

Our pool of mentors focuses on providing founders lead innovation through their impact mentorship and skill building intellect. Our motive is to build an exchange platform between the two fastest growing economies and facilitate knowledge share, idea influx and technology development.