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Venture Gurukool invests in Sattviko, an Indian traditional savory snack manufacturing firm, which is also backed by marquee investors such as Mr. Raman Roy (President, NASSCOM), Mr. G Raavishankar (Ex-CEO, JetAirways), Mr. Rajat Jain (Director, Bennett Coleman Group) and more.

Venture Gurukool投资了Sattviko。Sattviko是一家印度传统的咸味小吃制造公司,同时它也得到了拉曼罗伊先生(NASSCOM总裁),G Raavishankar先生(JetAirways前首席执行官),Rajat Jain先生(Bennett Coleman董事)等投资者的支持。

Founded in 2014 by Prasoon Gupta, Ankush Sharma, and Rahul Gupta, Sattviko is a place where Indian traditional recipes meet with modern food technology to offer a new avatar of delicious and healthy snacks. With its roots in the glorious Indian food legacy, Sattviko markets light, nutritious and meticulously prepared snacks in various flavors of Indian origin. Its products are currently available in major cities across India including large institutions such as Taj Hotels and SpiceJet. With over 25 varieties of Indian snack items and naturally sourced ingredients, Sattviko is India’s fastest growing consumer packaged foods company building a brand for its pure and traditional Indian snacks in a modern avatar.

Sattviko由Prasoon Gupta,Ankush Sharma和Rahul Gupta于2014年共同创立,是印度传统美食与现代食品工艺技术的结合,是为提供美味,健康小吃的新化身。 Sattviko源于印度美食遗产,以制作各种口味清淡,营养丰富的小吃。目前其产品在印度各大城市均有销售,包括Taj Hotels和SpiceJet等宾馆会所。 Sattviko拥有超过25种印度小吃和天然食材,是印度发展最快的消费包装食品公司,同时也是为印度传统小吃打造品牌。

The Indian snack food segment amounts to $4.69 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow annually at 11.8% to reach $6.55 billion by 2021.


“Sattviko has seen rapid growth in the last 5 months, mapping about 600+ retailers in metros. We are delighted to have Venture Gurukool join us on this journey and help turbocharge our growth by providing us access to strategic growth efficient funds, resources, and impact mentorship,” said Prasoon Gupta, CEO of Sattviko.

“Sattviko在过去的5个月中实现了快速增长,同时在地铁广告区映射了大约600多家零售商。我们很高兴Venture Gurukoo能成为我们行程的一员,并通过为我们提供战略性增长效率资金,资源和其影响力来指导帮助我们成长,“Sattviko首席执行官Prasoon Gupta说。

Sattviko participated in The Second India Investment Seminar 2018 in China organized by Venture Gurukool wherein they pitched to more than 250+ strategic and financial investors in Beijing and Shanghai.

Sattviko参加了由Venture Gurukool组织的2018第二届印度投资研讨会,他们充分的向北京和上海的250多名战略金融投资者展示了印度食品投资方向。

Sattviko will close their series A round early next year for which there is strong interest from marquee VC funds already.


The funds will be used to give growth capital to entrepreneurs working on consumer-facing business making its presence in about 20 more Indian cities along with International expansion to US, UK, and the Middle East, having Indians as the early adopter of its products and their influence across these countries. The driving factors for their growth include demand levers like affluence, sedentary lifestyle, and increasing awareness about health and fitness, backed by robust supply drivers.


“Our investment in Sattviko will help them bring developments towards the smart multi-modal network in the country. Sattviko aims to incorporate technology to capture customer data and attract huge interest for particular products, backed by Venture Gurukool’s mentorship in this space can help transform the company’s scalability. Together, we are thrilled to be at the forefront of India’s rapidly growing food tech space,” said Mahendra Swarup, Founder of Venture Gurukool.

“我们对Sattviko的投资将帮助他们,给该国的多模式-智能网络带来发展。 Sattviko瞄准了整合技术,以此捕获客户数据,吸引客户对特定产品的大量关注。Venture Gurukool在该领域的指导支持也可以帮助改变公司的可扩展性。在这个快速发展的时代,我们很高兴能够站在食品科技领域的前沿,“Venture Gurukool创始人Mahendra Swarup说。