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Facilitating developments towards India-China exchange and cooperation, Venture Gurukool along with Business World, hosted an exclusive meeting with Mr. Lyu Yansong, Vice Minister & Editor in Chief, People’s daily. 

The People’s daily is the largest and most influential newspaper in China with a daily circulation of over 3.2 million. It is the biggest newspaper group & official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party.

Along with Mr. Yansong were his delegation of Senior Media Professionals, Mr.Wu Weizheng, Mr. Yuan Jirong, Mr.Su Chao, Ms. Wang Yuezhou and Ms. Wen Hongyan representing People’s Daily.

The event focussed on establishing relations with the Chinese media groups and attract investments in print media other than digital content platforms. Mr. Annurag Batra, Chairman & Chief Editor, Business World, presented the welcome address. He expressed views on India’s existent dependency on print media through the years. The large presence here is against the western trends of highly digitized news content implies that honesty and credibility of the newspaper are still very high in India.

Mr.Yansong quoted President Xi Jinping,”When India and China will speak and cooperate together, the world will listen.” The population and huge market presence are similar in both countries. As per Mr. Yansong, media houses of India and China should promote this to strengthen their ties. The newspaper culture in Indian market is different from China’s preference of mobile applications for digital news content.

The People’s Daily app has over 250 Million downloads, their micro blog attracts 100 Million followers and their presence on WeChat accounts for about 20 Million users, making it the dominant media group of China.

The platform is open for international cooperation and tie-ups for content sharing in a more customized way and for better news articles.

Mr.Mahendra Swarup, Founder, Venture Gurukool highlighted the investments made into the Indian digital sector by the Chinese investors, lately. The digital media in India is still on its growth path while print still exists as the most preferred model for a lot of Indian languages. Mr.Swarup expressed his views on investments towards the much more credible print media. 

Mr.Manish Tewari, Former Minister of Information and Broadcasting & Member of Parliament, discussed China’s vibrant media market and their breath-taking perspective. China’s influence over other Asian countries to bring the onset of cutting-edge technological advances and innovation from western counterparts. Agreeing to the above statements, Mr. Alok Mehta, Padma Shri Awardee, Ex-President and Secretary General of Editors Guild of India, promoted interest towards ventures in digital media and the high scale scope of digitized content in the market.

Also, present at the event were prominent personalities of the Indian media industry such as Mr.Praveen Someshwar, CEO & Managing Director, Hindustan Times, Mr. Himanshu Gautam, Business Head, Amar Ujala, and Mr. Amit Goel, Vice Chairman, The Pioneer.

There is a lot for India to learn from China, thus, hosting such exclusive meet-ups with industry leaders results constructively for our aim to aid media tie-ups and developments between the two nations. Venture Gurukool constantly strives to promote Indo China innovation hub helping towards fostering a more holistic ecosystem.