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Startup India Investment Seminar | 印度初创企业投资峰会

CGI Shanghai in partnership with Startup India Association (SIA) and Venture Gurukool organised a Startup India Investment Seminar in Shanghai. 42 Indian entrepreneurs representing 20 Indian startups from diverse sectors like; e-commerce, online gaming, new energy vehicles, logistics, media, environment, health-education, Ayurveda, housing finance etc, participated in the event and made pitch before Chinese investors to make investments in their ventures. More than 100 audience, mostly representing Chinese Venture Capital (VC) funds, angel investors participated in a day long pitching session and seminar.

印度驻沪总领事馆与印度初创企业协会和Venture Gurukool一同在上海举办印度初创企业投资峰会。来自不同行业的42为印度企业家代表20家印度初创企业前来参会,邀请中国投资者前来投资,行业包括电子商务、网络游戏、新能源汽车、物流、媒体、环境、健康教育、阿育吠陀、住房信贷等等。逾百名来自中国风投基金、天使投资的代表参加了此次为期一天的投资峰会。

Indian technology start-up domain, it is among the biggest in the world with valuation of over US$ 35 billion. Last few years saw emergence of several thousand start-ups in India, rise of unicorn start-ups and growth of segment leaders in categories like robotics, analytics, edu-tech, health-tech, legal-tech and fin-tech. They not only created value for their investors but immensely contributed in solving challenges faced by grass root level Indian industries like healthcare, education, finance, energy and agriculture; which positively impacted millions of lives in India.

印度技术创业领域, 是世界上最大的之一,估值超过350亿美元。最近几年,印度出现了数千家初创企业,独角兽初创企业不断崛起,机器人、分析、教育技术、医疗技术、法律技术和金融科技等领域的细分领导者也在增长。它们不仅为投资者创造了价值,而且极大地帮助解决了基层印度产业所面临的挑战,如医疗保健、教育、金融、能源和农业;这对印度数百万人的生活产生了积极影响。

The success story of China is not only about the speed and scale at which the things has been done but also about the unique and innovative financing models; business processes and procedures which made possible the Chinese growth story sustainable over such a long period of time; and most importantly; transforming China from an agricultural to industrial and now towards knowledge driven economy. The Indian startup companies also took valuable lessons from the experiences and knowledge of scaling up from the Chinese companies.


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