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“India an emerging hotspot for Chinese Internet Companies”, Ntasha

Geek2Startups organised a Talk on “How to start your own startup in India”, on August 3rd  at the Inncube Spaces in Chaoyang, Beijing, China, with our Co-founder Ntasha and Digital News aggregator application NewsDog’s Founder Chen Yukun.

Both the speakers came together to discuss the startup ecosystem in India and the relationship between India and China. How India is a larger attractive market for Chinese Entrepreneurs and Investors. The various market trends and early stage opportunities available in the Indian startup ecosystem were some points that were taken into consideration.

Ntasha and Chen discussed about India’s current position as an open market for Entrepreneurs, being one of the fastest growing economy providing a larger consumer base, India is becoming one of the go-to choices for founders who want to establish startups and have a chance to conquer a bigger slice of the consumer pie.

Ntasha was quoted saying, “The similarities between the two countries is making it easier for the Indian entrepreneurs to start looking east and attracting Chinese investors for better knowledge and expertise to compete head to head with their rivals. Also, India is now emerging as a hotspot for Chinese Startups”.

“The India opportunity for growth is what everyone is gunning for. Most of these investors are looking at India as an asset offering a large captive market”, stated Chen.

Venture Gurukool, in India, works towards developing an India-China hub that creates, encourages and promotes knowledge and innovation between founders and investors based in India and China. Through such talk sessions, both Venture Gurukool & Geek2Startup hold sharing activities between startups which are currently in business, to communicate on the product, design, development and operation dimensions to connect them and bring together a vibrant ecosystem.


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