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PORTFOLIO SUCCESS STORY: SATTVIKO- Traditional Indian Snacks In Modern Avatar

Venture Gurukool’s portfolio company, Sattviko, a leading consumer packaged foods brand, has recently launched a whole new range of healthy traditional snacks in modern avatars, accumulating 40 SKU’s under its belt.

Having successfully expanded its presence to over 15 cities and 5 airports, Sattviko is now serving over 1 million customers every month. The brand is selling through Modern trade outlets as well as online stores.

All Sattviko products are packed with the freshness of India’s traditional food knowledge with the tastes of the Modern World and are made from naturally sourced raw materials straight from the farm and processed with modern technologies that preserve their nutrients.

Sattviko has launched 4 new products this year, namely, the Besan Barfi Energy Bar made by perfectly blending gram flour and jaggery and the Kaju Katli Energy Bar made with original Cashew as well as 2 flavors of Sattviko Super meal, a mix of Sabudana & other Indian superfoods, giving the health-conscious consumer various options of enjoying traditional Indian sweets and snacks with a modern, healthy and most importantly guilt-free twist.

Venture Gurukool is proud to support the Sattviko team in its journey of constantly innovating and reinventing traditional foods of India into contemporary modern healthy avatars.