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BW Business World organized The Women Entrepreneurship Summit & Awards 2019 on 31st Jan-1st Feb 2019.

The event celebrated the spirit of women entrepreneurs and their success over the years. Women entrepreneurs are bringing about a change to the society with their disruptions and helping the economy along the way by influencing people and bringing in more disruptors to the market.

Eminent women entrepreneurs came together to share their set of challenges, the way women entrepreneurs are perceived and their leadership making their ventures a success.

Mr. Mahendra Swarup, Founder, Venture Gurukool, commenced the two-day event with his keynote address on “Cracking the Capital Raising Code.” He was also the member of the jury panel for the awards. “The purpose of business is to serve with a product or service and not just having the ultimate goal of having an IPO. That’s an outcome of good business but not the purpose of the business. So the first thing which you should actually ask yourself is do you need money if yes, when would that money be required and what will you use that money?” Mr. Swarup quoted.

He added, “Statistics suggest that there are about 58.3 million entrepreneurs in this country out of which about 5.8 million are women entrepreneurs. That’s 13 to 14 percent of the total entrepreneurial population in India. Most of them are in the agricultural sector and when I say all kind of entrepreneurs, they are not only the kind present in this room, it’s the type of entrepreneurs who are present on the streets. If you see a vegetable seller, she is an entrepreneur if you see someone who collecting garbage on her own, she’s an entrepreneur. So India perhaps has the largest ratio of entrepreneurs in the world. Even the U.S. cannot boast of such a huge percentage of the population as being independent earners or entrepreneurs. So it’s a great opportunity for in India that you have the freedom of choice of your own career of what you want to do.”

Our Co-founder, Ms. Ntasha, chaired the Panel: Beating Workplace Challenges with some of the most distinguished women entrepreneurs of the industry. Workplace problems may come to anybody, but for women, the challenges are more daunting, especially entrepreneurs who may need to command a sense of substance to lead their team to triumph. The interactive session took under consideration various challenges and their ways to tackle the situation through the motivation and passion each one of them had for their work.

Women are born with more than just cookies in work and they have a natural flair of empathy to lead. There will always be challenges to entrepreneurs, but what good is achieved without challenges. People have started realizing it is not a male-dominated world anymore and we may see many more disruptors as the acceptance grows, said Ntasha during the panel.

The event concluded with the award ceremony commending the finest disruptors in the industry. Ms. Falguni Nayyar, Founder, Nykaa won the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year award.

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