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“IoT is the Next Big Wave for India’s Growth Landscape” Ntasha, Co-Founder, Venture Gurukool

Month: October 2018

“IoT is the Next Big Wave for India’s Growth Landscape” Ntasha, Co-Founder, Venture Gurukool

Venture Gurukool’s Co-Founder, Ntasha acknowledged Chinese CEO’s and high tech SME’s at the 2018 Zhongguancun International Lecture Hall about the India Opportunity of Internet Business.

The session was organized by the Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park and Chengfeng Alliance. The event was focussed towards familiarizing Chinese investors and entrepreneurs about the opportunities available in the Indian market and leverage the most from the growing IoT sector.

India is the second largest consumer of internet market in the world with 462 mn internet users, 80% of these users are mobile based. The numbers are expected to reach 730 mn by the year 2020.

Currently, India is well positioned to leverage the power of IoT to create massive growth opportunities in the country. The growth of the Internet has been unprecedented and driven by advances in mobile technology, the increase in processing power, growth of cloud, social media, etc.

1,400 new tech startups were born in 2016 alone, implying there are 3-4 tech startups born in India each day.

The market potential of all things IoT in India alone is predicted to be $9 billion by 2020. As the innovations make customers lives easier, the advances in the technology itself are making it easy for entrepreneurs to take a big leap in product development, leading to accelerated development cycles and better business opportunities to chase. IoT is an intrinsic part of many innovations and business success stories across sectors.

Ntasha represented Venture Gurukool’s motto of facilitating cross-border partnerships between India and China innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

She influenced the potential audience to make the most from the current circumstances. India has been a hotspot for Chinese investors and Internet Companies. “IoT is the Next Big Wave for India’s Growth Landscape. The Internet of Things market in India will transform the society and establish a new ecosystem”, Ntasha. For Chinese investors, Indian start-ups present a range of opportunities. Familiar and already tested business models and finance-based association work well for the companies.

Through such sessions, Venture Gurukool and our alliances in China, we hold sharing activities between startups and investors which are currently in business, to communicate on the product, design, development and operation dimensions to connect them and bring together a vibrant ecosystem.


Venture Gurukool’s partner Association of Independent Directors of India (AIDI) recently hosted a seminar on


At Claridges, New Delhi.

The event focussed on the impact of unconscious bias and stereotyping on women’s performance as leaders. To sensitize senior Board Leaders and decision makers on the impact of gender diversity for improved business performance, corporate governance systems and long-term sustainable development of companies.

Also, improve understanding of the links between Emotional Intelligence and competent leadership skills and identify strategies leading to behavioral changes that accelerate and maintain women’s access to seats on boards and leadership positions.

The event showcased prolific speakers from varied backgrounds. Ms. Vladislava Ryabota, Regional Corporate Governance Lead, South Asia from International Finance Corporation gave the keynote address to the audience.

Followed was a presentation by Ms. Gagan Singh Ex-CEO, JLL INDIA, Independent Director Timex Group & Future Retail Ltd, where she talked about Unconscious Bias faced by a woman without choice. The awareness that should be bought at every organization through the board members ensuring to include women as a part of the team and bring forward their ideas and innovation.
Statistics show 57% of college graduates are female while only 10% of Fortune 500 companies have females as their board members.

The panel discussion on “Igniting Strategies to Build Woman Leadership Programme” continued further discussions and solutions that could bring a change to every successful organization.

The esteemed group of panellists leading the consideration were Ms Lopa Rahman Corporate Governance Officer, South Asia, IFC, Dr Vaijayanti Pandit Advisor at Welingkar Institute of Management, Ex-Head FICCI West, Mumbai, Ms Veena Swarup Board Leader, Ex-Board Member & Director, Engineers India Ltd and Ms Ranjana Deopa Head of Women Leadership Programmes, The BD Foundation, which was moderated by Mr. Rajiv Khurana, (Co-Founder Director, CMC, FIMC).

The need to bring a thought revolution for a woman to build upon their skills and create a brand of herself was highlighted, along with conducting director training programmes and workshops for both men and women.

Dr. Sriparna Basu Professor, FORE School of Management, Expert of Emotional Intelligence shared her views on Leveraging Emotional Intelligence to enhance Leadership skills. She is also actively involved in Startup CEO mentoring and training programmes, providing the young blood with insights towards appropriate leadership qualities and skills.

As well as, Mr.Khurana who also has a host of chief mentorship programmes for new ventures and provides his expert views and experience share to the new establishing ventures and entrepreneurs.

Through our partnerships and network of such esteemed industry personalities, we create a hub for innovation and encouragement for our portfolio companies and entrepreneurs to learn and grow through the master vision of progress.

We look forward to being a part of events hosted by AIDI through which we gain an abundance of organizational know-how and learn more about the industry ethics.


China’s Dark Horse Club, along with The Passage recently organized an Educational Programme to India.

Venture Gurukool proudly seized the opportunity to host the delegation of potential Chinese Entrepreneurs and Investors. There was a warm Indian traditional welcome ceremony with garlands and tilak. The delegation was familiarised with the Indian culture of treating guests like a god.

Dark Horse Club is China’s leading platform for innovation and entrepreneurship and has built an ecosystem that creates a bond between top entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial enterprises, and investors together with activities such as demo shows, training program, and more. Since it’s founding, the Dark Horse Community has attracted over 10,000 Dark Horse Club members.

The motive behind the educational programme was to introduce the delegation of about 30 potential Entrepreneurs and Investors to the Indian market and share insights about growth and opportunities available here for Chinese entrepreneurs to start their own venture.

India is the fastest developing South Asian country, attracting global eyes towards its constantly growing GDP growth and the potential for tapping resources and manpower because of being a highly populous nation.

A short introduction about the Indian opportunity was presented by our Co-Founder, Ms. Ntasha, where she talked about the Indian start-up ecosystem. The growth of Internet companies in India over the years has attracted eyeballs globally and how the Chinese can function their tried and tested business models in Indian markets, considering the regional similarities between the two nations.

India is the second largest consumer of the Internet market with 462 mn users, expecting to grow to about 730mn by 2020. The numbers being huge makes it an ideal marketplace for fresh talent to establish new and innovative businesses.

There was a great amount idea exchange amongst the audience and the host, which showcased a keen interest toward Venture Gurukool’s methodologies from the Chinese.

Next followed was a discussion with Mr. Divay Pranav, Vice President, China region, Invest India wherein an in-depth conversation was carried about various Indian laws, government policies, regulations and taxation policies for one to start up their own venture.

The event overall bought in immense knowledge share and influx of latest ideologies. As our mission here at Venture Gurukool, we work towards developing an India-China hub that creates, encourages and promotes knowledge and innovation between founders and investors based in India and China.

Venture Gurukool’s vision of facilitating cross-border exchange helps Indian start-ups with Chinese experience and connects entrepreneurs, enterprises, and investors from domestic and International markets to accelerate success.

We take part in holding such events and sharing activities between organizations which are currently in business, to communicate on the product, design, development and operation dimensions to connect them and bring together a vibrant ecosystem for startups in India.


Bridging the gap between the startup ecosystem in India and China, Venture Gurukool thrivingly joined forces with China’s global accelerator venture capital firm SOSV.

Both the companies signed a strategic cooperation agreement to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the Indo-China hub in order to build a vibrant ecosystem that would connect various stakeholders in India and China with successful ventures and their founders.

SOSV provides seed, venture and growth stage funding to startup companies in the technology sector. The company’s focus is on accelerating startups via their market-specific seed accelerator programs located in Europe, Asia, and the USA. SOSV runs six seed accelerator programs: Chinaccelerator, MOX, HAX Accelerator, HAX Boost, IndieBio, and FOOD-X. The programs focus on startup development in the areas of hardware, software, and biotechnology and food business.

Venture Gurukool is a commune for early-stage ventures, offering a host of shared services, impact mentorship, and fundraising assistance, thereby helping early-stage companies with growth. Venture Gurukool offers a host of portfolio management services which helps in preserving and driving the value of the start-up and increasing the odds of earning better than normal ROI in the medium term.

Venture Gurukool offers a host of portfolio management services which helps in preserving and driving the value of the start-up and increasing the odds of earning better than normal ROI in the medium term.  Startups get one to one support and advice from our fantastic mentor network. Of these mentors, Venture Gurukool also has 7 Experts-in-Residence (EIRs) that provide deep expertise across growth hacking, product, team management, strategic positioning and branding, financial modeling, accounting, and fundraising.

Our vision of facilitating cross-border exchange between India and China helps Indian startups with Chinese experience, know-how & technology and connects entrepreneurs, enterprises, and investors from domestic and International markets to accelerate success.

The partnership with SOSV will focus towards bringing together our portfolio and network companies to raise growth capital from China as well as use the influence to help startups with expansion into the Chinese mainland.