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Posted by admin on  December 17, 2019
After an exhilarating experience in Shenzhen, Phase II of the Startup India Investment Summit moved to Shanghai, the Financial Capital of China. The Indian Consulate General, Shanghai hosted a gracious dinner for Indian Startup delegation along with an insightful session with Dr. Edward Tse, Chairman& CEO of Gao Feng Advisory on China’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship. WordPress Grid Gallery It was a great interaction for Indian entrepreneurs to learn in-depth about the growth of China’s technology


Posted by  on  December 9, 2019
Venture Gurukool held its Annual Startup India Investment Summit in Shenzhen on 26th November 2019 at Kempinski Hotel hosted by the Consulate General of India, Guangzhou in collaboration with the Startup India Association (SIA). This was the first time Venture Gurukool held the summit in Shenzhen. Over 120+ audience representing Venture Capital funds based out of South East Asia as well as Family Offices participated in the day-long pitching sessions and seminar. WordPress Grid Gallery
Venture Gurukool’s Singapore affiliate Venture Guardian invested in the global fintech platform, Ascent Technology Consulting. A niche FinTech Software Product company offering financial control & resilience software with disruptive and innovative solutions. Venture Gurukool在新加坡的子公司Venture Guardian已投资了全球金融科技平台Ascent Technology Consulting。这是一家利基金融软件产品公司,提供具有颠覆性和创新性解决方案的财务控制和弹性软件。 With a global presence in 4 regions and clients across 9 different regions. Ascent has a Holding Company in Singapore, a Corporate Office in Dubai and research and development centers in Hyderabad & Mumbai (India). 它在全球4个区域设有机构,客户来自9个不同的区域。Ascent在新加坡设有控股公司,在迪拜设有办事处,在印度海得拉巴和孟买设有研发中心。 The platform
Venture Gurukool recently made investments in Meddo, a healthcare chain that aims to redefine the delivery aspect of outpatient care in India, through technology-enabled “connected-care.” The platform aggregates and rebrand clinics and other providers using technology as the core enabler. Venture Gurukool has co-invested alongside SRI Capital and GrowX Ventures in their Pre-Series A investment round of $2.5 million. Venture Gurukool最近投资了Meddo,这是一家医疗保健连锁企业,旨在通过技术支持的“互联护理”重新定义印度门诊服务的交付方面。该平台使用技术作为核心推动力,以聚合和重塑诊所及其他提供商。Venture Gurukool与SRI Capital和GrowX Ventures共同投资于他们的前A系列投资回合250万美元。 Founded by serial entrepreneur & IIM Calcutta alumnus Saurabh Kochhar &
Venture Gurukool’s Co-founder Ntasha received an incredible opportunity to address students and budding entrepreneurs through Assocham’s Startup Series platform on Fund Raise and Finance at the New Delhi Institute of Management (NDIM). WordPress Grid Gallery The session intended to provide insights on various funding trends and investor approach for start-ups in the Indian ecosystem. Also, offering key elements for start-ups to focus while identifying the right investors for the right funding stage. WordPress Grid Gallery